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Frequently Asked Questions

Refund Status is when we partially refund the remains of an order. Sometimes for some reasons we are unable to deliver a full order quantity, so we refund you the remaining undelivered amount. Example: You bought an order with quantity 1000 and charges 10$ Let's say we delivered 900 and the remaining 100 we couldn't deliver, then we will "Partial" the order and refund you the remaining 100 (1$ in this example). The refunded amount auto adjust to user balance. You can check the transaction history to know the amount refunded. Partial status makes an order terminate so if you want that service still you must need to place a new order.

We offer all kind of SMM services as likes, followers, views and more for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tiktok and many more social media.

Absolutely! Our SMM services are 100% safe to use, they won't get you banned. But you must need to use it as natural.

Use the mass order option when you need to place multiple orders at the same time.

After he goes live, or just 5 second before he goes!

To get a panel like ours, please contact shabfamo customer service to guide you, and then you can connect to us via API easily!